Echo Bay


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Echo Bay is the debut EP of Somerville based alt-psych rockers SWYM.


released July 13, 2013

Mixed and Mastered by John E. Funk and Jesse Holden
Artwork by Carolina Niño



all rights reserved


SWYM Seattle, Washington

Alt-Psych Rock duo based out of Seattle, WA

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Track Name: A La Mode
You can't deny a la mode
Hop on for the ride
So you won't feel alone
What if you die, mindless and free
You'd still look as good in a casket to me

Oh, you don't know
A la mode

Silence is peace, pieces of mine
See how they taunt and hurt you in time
Run little boy, run, try to hide
Mines lie in trench holes and planes sweep the sky

Oh, you don't know

Baby the lights turned low
Baby the lights dimmed low
Track Name: Stellar Rider
I don’t like the things you spew about me
I’m just trying to make myself happy and you, you do.
anything to interrupt my flow
I wish you would just up and go now
Lights go dim, all we are is shades of gray
all the colours seem to melt away. We’re through, me and you.
So I walk out of the woods of my dependency
I float away, zero gravity

Watch as the pendulum swings down
Another moment lost to the crown
Stellar rider faces the sun
leaving everyone chasing the gun

You don’t like when they don’t take your side
but it’s the moon that shifts the tides ooh
Push and shove your way through the crowd
Make yourself heard, say it loud girl
Nothing is static, everything is falling apart.
Simplicity’s bliss and imperfection, art. And you, you too.
Track Name: Backstroke
Wasting my time
Not enough hours in the day
I'm losing my mind
Trying to think of something right to say to you

When nothing ever seems to be what you want in each moment.
Wishing the clouds would come along, pleasantly, to whisk you away.
If there ever was a time to fall back into motion,
Would I remember how to move or sway - sway with a stroke?
Track Name: The Grove(Red Rover)
And it takes time to understand
So don’t think twice just take my hand
I’ll take you down by the creek
Down where the muscles lay with me

Gaze at the stars. Within your eyes reflected Jupiter and Mars
Gonna take you by the hand, direct you where we both belong.
Where we both belong

I feel the transcendental cosmic flow,
Streaming through my fingers and my toes.
Swirling sky weaves in your hair.
Mother nature’s ground to share.

Gaze at the stars. Within your eyes reflected Jupiter and Mars
Gonna take you by the hand, direct you where we both belong.
Where we both belong


Red rover send my body back.
Recover from a spiritual heart attack.
Hey, that's just the way we play.
Wreak havoc moaning over it.
Step down there's nothing to show for it now.
Noone told us how.